Does Big Tech Owe YOU Up To $5,000?

Google may have Tracked, Monitored and Profited from your Incognito browsing data.

They've already agreed to pay-out over $4 billion in settlements.

It's Time For Justice...

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Protecting Privacy, Defending Victims Rights, Holding Power to Accounts

Incognito mode doesn’t mean what you think

  • Did that stop them? Not yet because even in “incognito” mode, big tech is still collecting and storing your data.

  • This has to stop. Privacy is the cornerstone of society, foundational to freedom, an inviolable right.

  • Has your privacy been violated? Has your data been sold? If you use Chrome, chances are more than good it has and you can qualify to be part of a case against big tech.

Do You Qualify for a Case?

Fighting for Victims’ Rights

At Litigation Notification, we're committed to safeguarding your privacy and confronting abuses of power wherever they occur, whether it's the unauthorized sale of your data or violations of your rights. We refuse to let these actions go unchallenged

Join thousands in class-action cases against religious institutions concealing sexual abuse, ride-share firms enabling abuse, mega corporations ignoring health warnings, big tech for privacy violations, and more.

We'll confront any organization that has enabled or permitted abuse of its members, customers, or employees.

Click below to learn more about current cases and to see where and how you may qualify to be part of a class action suit.


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